Specialists in professional data recovery
from hard drives and other digital media

VEDLI DATALAB strives to recover the maximum possible amount of digital data of any type and format stored on any type of media, made inaccessible by both physical and logical causes, offering customers a remedy for their loss, which may be either economic or sentimental in nature

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Torbole sul Garda TN
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Recupero dati hard disk
Data Recovery from Hard Disk

Recupero dati SSD
SSD Data Recovery

RAID Data Recovery

Recupero dati chiavetta USB
Data Recovery from USB Stick

Recupero dati cancellati
Recovery of Deleted Data

Other Services

Vedli Datalab is specialised in intervening on faulty memories that cannot be accessed, that are physically damaged, or are not recognised by the Operating Systems.

The Lab offers a professional file and data recovery service from any failed digital media such as Hard Disk, SSHD, SSD, USB Pendrive, Memory Card, SD cards, MicroSD, Professional Compact Flash, monolithic memories, RAID systems, NAS, Server, as well as from smartphones and tablets.

We recover deleted files and formatted disks, and offer secure, certified deletions of memories and binary images for forensic use.

File and data recovery from:

  • Hard Disk and SSHD
  • SSD
  • USB Pendrive
  • Memory Card
  • SD and micro SD cards
  • NAS and Server
  • Smartphone and tablet

Data recovery operations are not comparable to repairs, which are based on attempts and passed on to professionals when unsuccessful. Any such attempt can result in a permanent loss of data, without the possibility of remedying it, regardless of the cost.

If you experience the malfunction of a memory or inaccessibility to data, avoid the temptation of do-it-yourself solutions or asking acquaintances for help. Instead, contact a computer repair centre to find out if a specialised data recovery laboratory is required to solve your problem, or request information directly.

For computer scientists from other sectors who are attempting data recovery on behalf of one of their clients, please be aware that in cases of faulty memories or simply of deleted data, specific professional tools, extensive experience and many hours of work are required. Without diminishing their competence in their field, we recommend accurately evaluating the possible consequences of a definitive loss of data as a result of attempts made without the necessary procedures and specific equipment. In any case, requesting information can prevent irreparable damage.

Vedli Datalab offers personalised consulting on each individual case, assuring you of absolute confidentiality.
The laboratory is a reference point for companies and computer scientists, universities and the public administration.