Our business focuses exclusively on data recovery to ensure our customers’ data are handled by outstanding professionals at the very top of their field, which is constantly and rapidly evolving. Our professionalism maximises the quality of results.

The laboratory is a reference point for companies and IT technicians, universities and the public administration, as well as for forensic consultants and law enforcement agencies.

Our services are nonetheless available to anyone requiring data recovery, whether they are business owners or private individuals.


VEDLI DATALAB utilises highly specialised, state-of-the-art equipment, as required by the information technology industry.

We rely on a laminar flow hood with ULPA ISO 4 class absolute filtering system, as well as the most advanced equipment available to increase the probability of success during the data recovery phase and reassure the customer that their data is being processed using the best tools on the market.

  • Reference equipment
  • Use of professional software
  • Clean room equipped with ULPA – ISO4 filters
  • Work carried out entirely on site
  • Frequent contact with the client
  • Highest probability of success


The laboratory was created as a result of the owner’s passion and vision. His interests have always been oriented towards the construction and repair of electronic circuits for diverse applications, especially in the field of electrical engineering and digital electronics.

Over the years, he has kept this passion alive by acquiring specific know-how and tools, exploring particularly complex issues such as rework techniques, interventions in a controlled environment, and the manipulation of firmware, using this knowledge to create a laboratory specialising in the recovery of data from faulty digital memories. Both the equipment and experience in the field have progressively evolved to reach the lab’s present-day level of peak professional specialisation.

Vedli Datalab’s organisation centres around an administrative department and a technical department, which utilises truly effective, state-of-the-art equipment and software; the technical department also holds proprietary rights over processes developed for data recovery.