Specific services available to companies and in the field of forensics:

Binary copies for corporate and forensic use

We produce complete binary images of the memories, i.e. we create a medium of equal capacity containing sectors or blocks perfectly identical to the originals.

This is particularly useful in forensics, when the data is stored on a faulty or only partially-accessible memory and it is therefore impossible to simply copy the individual files required and apply HASH encoding. In these cases, a binary copy of the entire malfunctioning memory is created on a new service media, applying HASH encoding on the single sectors; a list of unreadable files, excluded from the image, is drawn up and accompanied by proper certification.

Given the sensitive nature of this area of activity, before taking any initiative, it is absolutely necessary to contact the laboratory to determine correct procedure in accordance with regulations in force and with the support of the customer’s lawyer.

Secure deletions with certification

Any private company or government agency that needs to dispose of its PCs, computers or any other device containing data from its customers and users, must securely erase such information either internally or by outsourcing the operation to external, specialised companies. This procedure must follow internationally recognised practices.

The laboratory carries out secure deletions of all types of media and issues the relevant certification; we use appropriate overwriting algorithms or proceed to physical destruction according to the specific requests and needs of customers.

Repair corrupted files

Word documents, Excel, e-mail files and many other types of files can suddenly become unreadable by the program that created them.

There are numerous causes for this, but there is a high probability of successfully restoring them. Please contact the laboratory to provide information about the type of file and what occurred. We will get in touch as soon as possible to discuss how to proceed.

Recover data from different memories and other devices:

Any format or type of CD ROM, DVD, BD, BDXL

In some cases, the disc may be of poor quality and no longer readable after a few years or the burner may fail or stop before having fully saved the data, making the disc unreadable by ordinary methods.

Other typical cases are when the DVD or BLU RAY is not recognised by a normal player due to excessive scratches. Special procedures can be used to recover data.

Devices containing NAND memories

In addition to known data carriers, there are a number of other devices that can store data internally. These devices use memories similar to those in USB sticks or modern smartphones and are only employed in specific areas. An example of these are the digital tachographs used in buses and by road haulage companies, which store details of journeys made.

Vedli Datalab recovers data from any device that contains a digital memory, but in such cases, please contact the laboratory beforehand to verify the possibilities of recovery based on the type of device and the characteristics of data storage.

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